Heather P.

I got my GWBD sweatshirt today, and I LOVE IT! It’s so soft and comfy! You’re amazing!

Troy D.

Enjoying my cup of coffee from my new FAVORITE coffee mug! YOU are a difference maker, I admire everything you’re doing! I wish there were more kind hearts in this world like yours.

Shelly A.

My mom cried when she opened her gift. She loved the sweatshirt and mug. It made her so happy to see that you are still doing all the good work for the animals! She loves it! It moved her !!


Love the new sweatshirt!
The story of Miss Pretty & little Stinker

The story of Miss Pretty & little Stinker

On a chilly December day in Arizona i was trying to catch a small dog running loose in my neighborhood. I set up a feeding station and a live trap with hopes to gain his trust of coming to that location to eat. That evening when i went to check things out, i...