So to start with, I have never been a cat mom.  Dogs, yes, but never gave a thought to cats…
My relationship to Abby started with my growing friendship to my aging neighbor whom I ended up being friend and caregiver to.
Abby was a rescue at the age of three.  She was caged and I don’t know for how long.  She wasn’t happy about it!  According to my friend Abby was a biter. At the time I met Abby she was 6 years old.  She had not been around other animals and very limited people exposure.  Another neighbor said “don’t think you will be friends with Abby, she rarely shows herself, and she bites!”
Well I can tell you I was not ready for a biting cat, so we got used to each other on her terms.  Because I was coming to my neighbors home more frequently she would come out when she heard us talking.  Sometimes she would come and walk around my legs and brush up against me.  I talked to her and was slightly hesitant about offering my hand, but I would talk and let my hand hang down for a sniff.
One day I got a little more adventurous and reached out to pet her, and WHAM, I got bit. I said “Oh no my girl, we don’t like that!” And I went back to passive companionship.
Time Marches on…my neighbor’s health was fluctuating so I was there more frequently and for longer visits.  Abby began coming out at the sound of my voice calling for her….”Abby come see me”.  I was beginning to do her care also…feeding, cleaning up her space and her box…okay maybe this wasn’t something I wanted to do everyday and probably because it hasn’t been getting done everyday.
Abby began coming around flipping down in front of me and allowing head scratches and some petting.  She bit and I said No! firmly.  She did not leave and looked remorseful so we just moved on.  
Abby was not going to my neighbor as often and I started feeling bad that she would come and jump on my lap instead.
When my neighbor ended up in skilled nursing I went daily to care for Abby.  Some days I stayed a few hours because I couldn’t believe she wasn’t lonely.  After a month my neighbor passed away.  I had found a home for Abby, but that only lasted 5 days because Abby did not get on with their older dog and they had a grandchild who visited on weekends.  Not Abby’s style.  So I picked her up and brought her to our home.  Neither my husband nor I gave a thought to cat adoption, but here we are three weeks later.
As I write this Abby is in her favorite spot…my lap!

Her other gave place is outside when we are out back.

We believe Abby is in her forever home!