The story of how we got our sweet Peanut. My daughter and I were at Petsmart picking up dog treats for our rescue Golden retriever named Gidget and our Golden/Pyrenees rescue girl named Princess. We pulled up to the parking lot and saw that they were holding dog adoptions that day. I told my daughter to look straight ahead and run into Petsmart, because we would want to take them all home with us and had no intention of adopting more dogs at the time. They had crates lined up by the entry door with at least 20 adorable dogs looking for their forever homes. As we were walking in, the cutest white Pomerian started barking at us, he was persistent and not going to be ignored. Of course we walked over to his kennel and started talking to him. The lady at the rescue came over and told us how Peanut came to their shelter, she said that he was left at a dog park in Vegas with a bag of food. Someone found him sitting there all alone and took him to the rescue. As she was telling me his story, she opened his kennel and handed him over to me before I could say no. That was it, I instantly fell in love with him. Needless to say, we never made it into Petsmart that day, but we did come home with a new family member. Peanut was such an amazing addition to our family, I adopted my soulmate that day, he was my velcro buddy. Peanut was the happiest dog I have ever known, he woke up in the morning with a smile on his face, loved walks, Pupachinos, rolling around in the mud, wrestling with his doggie sybilings, car rides and sleeping in bed next to me. We were lucky enough to have had 16 wonderful years with him and miss him with every breath I take. When I think of Peanut it brings a smile to my face and that is exactly what Peanut would want.
Heather Simmons