Tatum had many, many tales, so it’s hard to choose just one. One beautiful summer day I took him to swim at a pond in my neighborhood. Yes, I was that person who would let my dog off-leash to run and play, well this particular day there were ducks swimming on the pond, and well, tatum was a labrador, so you can probably imagine how this story goes.

He dove in that water and was swimming as hard as he could, back and forth chasing the ducks, but of course they were way too fast and obviously smarter. He swam and swam and cried, oh if you could have heard the cries, ha. He wanted a duck so bad.  All while I stand on the bank screaming for him to come,  to get out of the water. Tatum had excellent hearing, but not that day. I knew he had to be getting so tired,but he kept swimming back and forth hoping. .

All i could think was i was going to have to get in that nasty water to retrieve him,  when out of nowher a man appears and asks what his name is, i told him, he called Tatum and out of the water he came. You can imagine the disgust on my face that my boy came to a complete stranger but totally ignored his mother who gives him everything, haha. The man then proceeded to tell me he had been sitting in his car watching this whole show finding it amusing until he too thought Tatum was going to get too tired. Thankfully that man came to our rescue. Needless to say, every time we went swimming after that, I tied a very long ski rope to his harness so I could reel him in when it was time to go!!!